Kinks Hair Studio and Spa Inc. Proudly Introduces Kinksology™

A new line of natural hair products aiming to become a new standard in natural hair care

In October 1st, 2015, Kinks Hair Studio and Spa announces their official release of its new line of products, Kinksology™.


Kinksology™ is the local and well-known studio’s first ever, new and natural line of hair products it is releasing since the studio found its home at Streetsville. The product line includes, Co-Cleanse, Hydra Deep Leave-In Treatment, and Healing Serum. With their numerous benefits that just won’t believe until you can browse at, they are promising to become the new standard for natural hair care products which will make a mark in the hair industry. According to Marva Duncan, who is ecstatic with the whole experience of bringing Kinksology™ to life, she advises to experience the products to truly believe why it’s going to become a household name especially for naturalistas. Neal Broten Authentic Jersey