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Our professionally trained staff are passionate and detailed in what they do to convey their true talents. Expressing your "KINKS" is not work but an opportunity for our stylists to creatively express your overall beauty.

The products used in our studio contain the finest ingredients and formulated to cater to all types of natural curly hair. Kinks Hair Studio and Spa customizes the right services and products for your needs with the right finishing touch of exceptional beauty.



We strive to be the only stop for all of your salon needs and wants. We reflect a warm, intimate, relaxing atmosphere and it is our goal to make every visit a memorable one. We are committed to providing our clients with the highest quality products, and the most up to date styles by being sensitive to their needs.

Here at Kinks we take pride in our talents and strive to be the best in the business. While education is still the driving force behind our team, we are dedicated to excellence.


Each of our talented stylists are sharply skilled and highly trained in their own unique specialities. This diversity makes us not only an inclusive salon, but it brings an incomparable flavour of experiences to the floor—every time. With expert stylists in natural hair, curls, weaves, wigs, braids, locs, barber cuts, and much more, there's simply no one we can't transform!

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